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In this online world everyone share links. We send links of funny videos or images to our friends by forwarding or composing an email, or while chatting at chat rooms, or at social networking sites like Orkut or FaceBook or Twitter. It’s the normal thing which we all do daily. Why don’t make money doing so?
In seventh way of making money online without any investment, you will earn cash for simply Sharing Links. You can share any kind of links like of a website link or celebrity’s blog link, or video or an image link, an mp3 link, an informative article link, or even a download file link. But to make money by sharing those links you need to MONETIZE them first or better say you need to make them a PAID LINK. You have to use the below websites to make the normal link a Paid Link.
It’s very easy to convert a normal link into a paid link. First of all register on the website give below. After login there click on “create links” from the menu bar. It will then ask you for the link which you want to convert into a paid link. Copy your normal link and paste there, for example if you want to make a paid link of a YouTube video then copy the link which appears in the address bar of that video window and paste it there to convert it.
After that it will ask for “Landing Page Content”. Here the landing page means the page which will open when your link is clicked. So there will be two options namely “clean for all ages” and “adult 18+”. Suppose you were sending link of funny image which does not contains adult content then select “clean for all age” option.
After that it will ask you for the type of paid link you want to create. Actually when we make a paid link and when someone clicks on it then it will show some advertisement. And these adverts are shown in three ways.
First one is “intermission ad” type where a whole page full of adverts will be shown for few seconds before opening your actual page. Suppose if you make a paid link of an audio mp3 using this intermission ad type then whenever someone clicks on that link, first of all a page will be opened showing advertisements and after 15 seconds it will automatically open that audio mp3 page. This type of paid link pays the most.
Second one is “popup ad” type. Here an addition popup window showing ads will be opened along with your actual link page window whenever someone clicks on this type of paid link. For example if you decided to create a paid link of a RapidShare link then whenever your friends click on it then it will open two windows; first one showing advertisements and the second one showing the download page of RapidShare. Here your friends will not wait for 15 seconds.
Third type is “top-banner ad” type where the advertisements will be automatically adjusted on the top of your link’s landing page. For example if you create a paid link of celebrity's blog link then when clicked it will show advertisement on the top of that same blog. Here no additional window opens and no one needs to wait for few second to open the actual page.
More people open your share link means more money you will collect. Below are the most trusted and honest websites on this internet so register on them and safely make money online without investment. For more information on this topic check FAQ. Also some amazing tricks are provided there to earn more. Enjoy it.


Get paid to share link is a new program which is just evolved on this internet industry. The criterion used here is to provide the advertiser their desire traffic to their products and services by means of publisher links. We act as a publisher in this program and work for advertisers and they pay us. Our work here is to make our normal link a paid link (explained below). And instead of sharing our normal link we share our paid link and more sharing means more earning.

Link sharing is a normal thing which we do commonly while surfing internet. We share our favorite links with our friends like on social networking websites, for example on FaceBook we send some funny videos link to our friends.

We are paid every time when someone clicks or opens our paid link. Actually a normal link becomes a paid link when some advertisements are shown along with that and for showing these adverts we are paid. And this process is known as Monetizing a link and a "Paid Link" can also be called as a "Monetized Link". We can create a paid link using the below website. There are three options to create a paid link:
1). Intermission ad link:
When someone clicks on such links then first a page full of adverts will open for 15 seconds and then after that our actual link will open. See the example of my Google paid link >> Intermission ad link
2). Top-Banner ad link:
Here a banner containing adverts will be shown on the top of our actual webpage. See the example of my Google paid link >> Top-Banner ad link
3). Pop-Up ad link:
Here a pop-up window containing the adverts will open whenever someone opens our paid link. See the example of my Google paid link >> Pop-Up ad link

Intermission ad links rates are $1 for 2000 clicks. Top banner will pay you $1 per 4545 clicks. And pop-up ad links rates are $1 per 2500 clicks. So intermission ad link is the best to earn more.

Yes, its 100% free to register. No fee is required to start earning via get paid to share link programs.

There is no limit on your earning. More you share your paid link is more you earn.

You can request your earning once you earn minimum of $5. On payout request they will send your money to your PayPal account instantly.

Everyone receives forwarded emails from friends and family members. If we receive an email we view it, and if we like it, we forward it. This is how forwarded emails grow in geometric progressions and spreads like fire from one person to another.

Now just go to your inbox of your email account, find some interesting forwarded emails which contain links to some webpage, copy those links and make them paid links. Next, edit that email and replace those normal links with the paid links respectively. Now you are ready with an atom bomb. Just forward those emails to everyone in your address book. Sit back, wait for a week and see your earning grows. My two cents please.

Social networking websites like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut etc are most active websites on internet where many people communicate with each other. Many of them share links of WebPages like greetings, funny pictures, celebrity pictures, funny or interesting video clips etc. There are some easy tricks which you can apply to get more hits to your paid or monetized link at social networking websites. They are explained below:

You might be familiar with viral comments or chain comments. Viral comment like “if you love your dad then send this message to 20 people, blah blah” spread like fire on social networking websites. So, manipulate them such that everyone requires clicking on your paid link to perform the action.

Join communities and groups where people share something. Like a “funny stuffs” community or “download stuff” community or “movies” related community. These communities are always having plenty of links which users share with others. Like a link to the funny football shot, a link to the download link of some song, a link to the wallpapers gallery of celebs. So grab your interesting links, monetize or make them paid links and start pasting them in there relative communities and groups.

Also you can collect some funny videos link or informational video links from YouTube or MetaCafe etc, also search for some funny pictures or article links and monetize them and transfer them to your friends and followers. If they like it then they will forward them to their friends too.

Chat window or chat box like that of yahoo chat has shout feature. Using this feature you can sent a message to all the users in the chat room. So go to yahoo chat room, using some big, strong and colorful font and write some attractive eye catching message, add your paid link in the end and then send that shout. Everyone who is in that room will see your message and will click the link. This is very efficient way to get hits instantly.

Another way is to use some online forums. Forums are created to discuss and share your opinion and knowledge. So join the one of your field and start discussing. Many people will ask for some information, provide them that by using your paid link. Also you can create your signature and can add your paid link in it. Your signature will be automatically attached to each and every posts and replies of yours. So this is yet another way to get hits.