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Is to register an account on the  PAYZA and at   PAYPAL , they are like Internet Banks, they keep your money or cash or funds online in the form of e-currency, which you can later use to shop online (like paying for premium RapidShare account, for Yahoo premium account, or purchase other stuffs online at eBay etc.) or transfer that money into your own bank account via "Bank Transfer" or "Bank Wire ", you can also transfer that money to your Credit/Debit card, and you can also request "Money Check(or Cheque)" which will be speed posted to your home address within two-three weeks if you are Non-US Residence. All these facilities are available on both AlertPay and PayPal, and creating an account on both AlertPay and PayPal is free of charge. In this online world, they are also commonly referred as "Online Payment Processors".

The steps are simple, First you will earn money from the different ways given below and then on request they will be transferred to either AlertPay or PayPal and then you can utilize that money online or at real world or better you can invest it to earn more. So get your free PayPal and AlertPay account right now, they are must required if you wish to make money online with no investment or zero investment or without any investment.
Remember the most important thing before registering an account :> You must make a PERSONAL ACCOUNT, "NOT" a "PREMIER ACCOUNT" or a "BUSSINESS ACCOUNT". Creating all the three types of account is free of cost then why so? The answer is - You will be charged some fee for receiving online funds (=money) if your account is NOT a Personal Account. The Personal account is an account of low level, used by the users who make small transactions online and they are not charged any Transaction Fee. High level accounts like Premier and Business are charged transaction fees for both Sending and Receiving online funds. So you will simply waste your money in paying transactions fee and will never receive the whole amount of money which you will earn from different ways of making money. Hope you understand. Precede your Registration below.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is an old and very famous online payment system which enables online users or online businesses to send and receive money through internet securely, quickly and easily. PayPal was established in 1998 and it is also famous as “Online bank”.

Does it charge any fee to open an account with PayPal?
No, they don’t charge any fee to open an account.

PayPal id:
Like in banks every customer has a unique account number or a unique customer id; similarly in PayPal every user has a unique PayPal id. But in PayPal the PayPal id is not any alphanumeric value; it is an email address which users choose during registration (registration steps below). So PayPal id is an email address.

How can I send or receive money?
Anyone can send you money by putting your PayPal id (email address). And you can send money to anyone by putting his/her PayPal id (email address).

Does it charge any fee to send or receive money?
As long as your account is of “Personal account” type, then there will be no fee or tax charged on your transaction using PayPal balance. A transaction means either sending or receiving money. So always make a Personal Account, it has all the facilities which you need.

Explain different account types?
There are three types of account:
1). Personal account: - a personal account is best for the common person who makes very small transactions.
2). Premier account: - a premier account is for persons who buy or sell stuff (or service) online on their name. Tax fee is charged on use.
3). Business account: - a business account is for persons who buy or sell stuff (or service) online on their business or corporate name. Tax fee is charged on use.

Which account type is the best for me?
If you don’t run any small or big business online then personal account will be the best for you because no fee is charged for sending or receiving money.

Can I change my account type later?
Yes, you can upgrade your account type later, like you can upgrade from a personal account to premier account or from premier account to business account. You can also degrade your account, suppose if by mistake you make a premier account and after few days you realize that your money is wasting in paying tax for transactions then you can make your premier account a personal account. This is done only once and for that you need to contact customer care and it can take up to one week time. Similarly you can degrade your business account to premier account but only once.

Can I have more than one account?
Yes, you can have more than one account. But they must not be of the same kind and also must have a unique email address, only you have to put the same personal information in the registration form. For example you can have one personal account and one premier or business account at the same time.

How to withdraw money into real world which is stored on PayPal?
PayPal offers three options to withdraw PayPal money into real world.

1). Bank transfer:
PayPal support bank transfer but only to limited countries. To know whether your country is supported by PayPal or not, just login and click on “withdraw” button.( For Indians, money in Paypal is automatically transfered to bank account within 24Hrs. ) If you get “withdraw funds to bank account” option it means your country is supported by PayPal. Also the fee charged for this process is country specific. You can get all the fees information under “withdraw” section after login. Just remember one thing the name on your PayPal account must match the name on your bank account. If name doest match then go to your “profile” section and there you can change your PayPal accounts name. After putting your name in the withdrawal form you will be asked to provide your bank name, bank code and then your account number. Bank code is a specific code given to each bank in a country by reserve bank. You can get your banks bank code in the “bank account statement” or you can ask your bank manager to provide it. Once you submit the withdrawal form it will take 5-7 business days to process. So these are the steps to withdraw your PayPal funds (money) directly to your bank account.
2). Credit or Debit card:
Another option which PayPal provides to withdraw your money is via Credit Card or Debit Card or Prepaid Card or any other cards with a Visa Logo. Not all the Debit cards are accepted only those which have a Visa logo or MasterCard logo is accepted. Choose “withdraws funds to your card” option. It will ask you to put card number, expiration date and a card verification number. Card verification number can be found on the back side of your card, if you cannot find it, don’t worry PayPal will teach you how to find it. After that it will ask you to fill the billing address. Simply put the address which you see on your card statement or bank statement. It is your own address which is saved on your bank/card account. PayPal first confirm your card whether it is your or not. For this confirmation process PayPal will charge a very small amount of money (~$1.95) on your card which will be automatically refunded to you after the process is completed. When PayPal charge this money from your card it will also send a specific 4-digit “PayPal code”. You can find it in your cards statement next to or near the charge amount. If you have online access to the card statement or access to bank statement to which that card belongs then you can find that code immediately. If you cannot access online then you have to wait for your bank account statement which you normally receive from your bank. Once you get that 4-digit code, go to your PayPal account and put it there and it will confirm your card. After you confirmed your card, the amount which PayPal charged for this confirmation process will be immediately reflected in your PayPal balance. And then the real thing which you need, will now start to process that is the withdrawal of your PayPal money into your card. It may take 5-7 days business days to reflect that money on your card balance.
3). Check:
If PayPal don’t support the bank transfer in your country or your card is not a MasterCard or Visa signed then "Check" is the third options which PayPal provides to withdraw your funds. It will be mailed to your home address. Just select “request a check from PayPal” option. It will ask you your name, your address and the amount which you want to withdraw. Your name must match the name on bank account otherwise your bank will not accept the check . Also your bank must be able to accept checks in foreign currencies. If you are not sure then go to your bank and ask the bank manager. PayPal can send you check in more than 14 different currencies including EURO and GBP. PayPal will charge a fee of 5 USD for sending a check. Also your bank can charge addition fee. There will be no shipping charged. Check will be processed in 4-6 business days and this does not include delivery time.

What is a verified account?
By account verification you become a trusty customer of PayPal. There is a withdrawal limit which includes the total amount of money you can withdraw from your PayPal account. This withdrawal limit implies on non-verified account but if you have a verified account then there is no withdrawal limit. You can either verify your account by adding & confirm the bank account or by adding & confirming a card. The card verification process is already explained above in the withdraw money by credit/debit card section. Similar is bank account confirmation process where PayPal will charge a small amount of money on your account along with a 4-digit PayPal code, then you have to seek that PayPal code in your bank account statement either by online access or by the statement which you receive quarterly or monthly. Then put that 4-digit code on the confirmation page after login at PayPal. Hence, verified (account).


What is AlertPay?
AlertPay is another internet payment service similar to PayPal. It allows you to send and receive money online securely, quickly and easily.

Is it free to create an account with AlertPay?
Yes, it’s free to create any of the three kinds of account with AlertPay.

What is AlertPay id?
AlertPay id or the account id is an email address which you select during registration (registration steps below). This email is used to send and receive money online via AlertPay accounts.

What are the fees for sending and receiving money?
If your account is a “personal starter” account then its free to send and receive money, no tax will be charged. But if you have a “personal pro” or “business account” then there will be some charge for both sending and receiving money.

About Transaction PIN:
When you make an account with AlertPay it will ask you to create a transaction pin. This pin will be used as a security password whenever you send money, request money, make payment or withdraw your AlertPay money.

Explain different account types:
Three types of accounts are explained below:
1). Personal Starter:- This account is the best for common person. Sending and receiving money is free and there is no tax included in any transaction.
2). Personal Pro:- Good for small online business. It includes some additional services like website payment, mass pay etc. Taxes are charged for both receiving and sending money online.
3). Business:- This types of account with suit all your need if you run a big online business. Taxes are charged for both receiving and sending money online.

Is it possible to change account type later?
Yes, you can change your account type later. You can upgrade your account from starter to pro or from pro to business. You can also degrade your account but for that you need to contact the customer care.

What is account verification?
If you want to increase your sending, receiving and withdrawing limit then you need to verify your account. For account verification you can either upload your documents along with photo proof also you can verify by adding a bank account. Only banks from AlertPay supported countries can be added.

How to withdraw money from AlertPay?
Three options are available to withdraw your AlertPay money:

1). By Check:
You can withdraw your AlertPay money by check which is issued only in us dollars ($). So if you are not from U.S. then first confirm whether your bank support the collection of checks in foreign currencies. Checks are issued to the name and address which are stored in AlertPay so if your name is not same as the bank account then correct it and also check your mailing address. It will take 1-2 business days to process your request and delivery time is not included in it.

2). Bank Wire:
AlertPay can send your money to your bank account by using a special electronic transfer known as bank wire. This service is available world-wide. Wire transfer is made in three currencies- EURO, USD, GBP. So please contact your bank to verify whether they accept wire transfer in the above listed currencies. To make a wire transfer request you must first add your bank account and select the bank wire option. It will take 3-4 business days to process and complete your request.

3). Bank Transfer:
First find whether your country is supported by AlertPay to make bank transfer or not. You can find it after login. Then add your bank account. Select the amount. And also check the name whether it matches with your bank account name or not. It may take 3-6 business days to process and complete your request depending on the country in which you are.

  (  For Indians, Paypal is best to transfer the money earned to bank accounts and Payza is best to collect the money earned and invest it in some other site to buy/upgrade etc.. )