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In FIRST way of making online money with no capital or no investment you will use "Paid To Click" sites or "PTC sites". These sites pay money for just clicking on Advert and nothing more hidden job they want form us. Several sponsors around the globe wants to advertize their Products or Services online on world wide web or just wants more traffic to their websites, so they simple pay money to these ptc sites and we as a member of these ptc sites view the sponsors website or products by clicking on the adverts and then these ptc sites will pay us money online by means of E-Currency (PayPal/Payza Money) for simply just clicking on advertisement.
The procedure is very simple; First of all we click on the advertisement link. As we click, a new window opens with the sponsor's website showing their service or product information. This sponsor's website opens with a count-down-time-counter on the top of the explorer which lasts for just 20 to 30 Seconds and when it reaches zero our account is paid money for that. This is how simply we earn extra money online with "no investment" by just viewing the advert or website for few seconds.
PTC sites pay money online to their members for each and every click they did. This PTC job of clicking and viewing advert is very simple and easy. Even while watching movies or listening to the music on your computer, you can click Adverts in a minimize window in the background and can continue to your work. The most fruitful part is that these PTC sites don't require any registration fee from you like that of many other online money earning jobs.

Highly Recommended Job:

I personally recommend you to join around 8-10 paid to click websites. For the reason, unlike any other jobs explained on this website, paid to click is the simplest job where you can click and minimize the window, without any interventions to your other work and without any presence of mind, I mean without any focus and with zero skills. This makes PTC program to be the most adaptable with other jobs; you can choose any other potential ways of making money online explained on this website, focus on them freely and can keep paid to click program as a subsidiary or secondary source of income.
Suppose you join 10 PTC websites and click 50 adverts daily worth one cent each, so your daily income will be $0.50 and monthly will be $15 which is overall a good amount and can help you when you become ready to invest your earning as explained on “Investment page”. So do join up to the limit which suits your personality and routine most.
I provide some paid to click websites, which I know, are the most honest one and are sovereign in the PTC industry. They all are SSL certificate secured (encrypted connection) and many from them are DDOS protected and have global Certified Authority or CA (proof of their identity and real business). The scam or fraud PTC website owners will never waste their money in purchasing such costly add-ons for their websites. I myself analyze and test all the websites provided below, so no matters of trust and fraud remains. Also I recommend you to read this “ Beware of Scams - How to Track and Identify fraud Websited ". Please don’t skip to read it because 99% of paid to click websites are scam and they have a short life-cycle. If I find more such honest and secure websites I will add them here, so always check back this Blog. Currently I have three more paid to click website in my arsenal but I will add them after the completion of the testing period.

How to do this smartly without Affecting and Disturbing your main job:-

First of all choose the best time from your daily routine to click in PTC program like after lunch or dinner, before sleeping or in the evening or in your break time. Suppose you join 10 PTC websites, open 5 at the same time, each of them in a separate window/tab of your web-browser. Now click on advertisement of the very first windows website. The advertisement will start loading and a countdown timer of 20-30 second will start. Now instead of waiting for countdown timer to reach zero, minimize the web-browser window( or goto next tab) and open the second browser window. Click on the advertisement on it, countdown timer bar will start, now again instead of waiting for it to hit zero, minimize it and switch to the third browser window. Continue it from first tab/window to the fifth tab/window in the form of a chain or a cycle. This will save your plenty of waiting time which could rather be wasted by countdown timers or bars.When you finish clicking all the ads, go with the next 5 websites. Hence finish clicking in all 10 sites very fast.!
One more thing that you can also do, is not to log-out or sign-out, by doing so you won’t need to re-enter your username and password again and again daily (unless you clear your browser cookies or temporary internet files or private data or whatever). Web browser's functions/facilities like “remember password” or “auto fill” probably will not help you to skip the task of re-entering your username and password, since the websites which I provided below are “SSL secured” which means the connection is encrypted, and encrypted connections don't allow web-browsers to store sensitive informations. So never sign-out/log-out and never clear your web-browsers cookies or temporary files. So, that’s all about the techniques to save time and I guarantee if you do it correctly, then you will finish your job of clicking in 10 minutes, for the sake of mine check it and prove me wrong(the only condition is a good internet connection).
So, finally register on the sites given below, it won't cost a penny of money from your pocket to register, and start your first online money earning today, instantly with zero investment. Read more about individual site by clicking on the links provided below. Also don't forget to read Frequently Asked Question; there I explained more about these websites. So, Earn Money Online Fast and without any Investment easily.


    PTC program has become quite popular recently. This is because of its simplicity; is totally FREE to join; and is the easiest way to make money online. In this program neither you needs to have your own website nor you have to pay for website hosting; not even you have to write reviews. What is to be done is just sign up for free account at PTC websites, click on the advertisements, and wait for few seconds and you earn money. The money you earn for viewing one advert is usually 1 cent but it can also be as low as 0.1 cent.

    PTC is an attractive way for a person who wants to make money online but don’t know from where to start. Anyone can do it and what is needed is just having a computer with the internet connection. You need only 30 minutes of your free time every day to click on advertisements and even you can do something else along with that, like surfing the internet, blogging, reading newspapers or listening music etc.

    There are many sponsors around the globe who wants to advertize their website or their products, so to do that they use the PTC program. They pay money to the PTC site owners and then PTC sites make them available to their members who click on them to earn money and finally the sponsor gets their desired traffic. So PTC sites works as a middle man or a way between the sponsors and their target (we). And in between they (PTC website) earn some commissions.

They allow one account per household. If they detect that you are using more than one account then all accounts involved will be removed without future restoration, and your information may become available to other website’s administration department for security purposes. So never try to make more than one account per PTC site.

It varies from site to site, some sites have 4, some sites have 20, and the average range is 8 and it may also change daily.

You can click only once per 24 hours, it means if you click on an advert right now then you can click it again after 24 hours. So you have to wait 24 hours to click on it again.

You can request your money when you reach threshold limit of the cashout. It means you have to accumulate or earn money minimum to the cashout limit to request payment. The cashout limit is different for different PTC sites and is not very tough to reach. Generally, it varies from $1 to $5. Once you reached the cashout limit then upon your request the money will be transferred to your PayPal or Payza account. And then you can use that money in real life or at online.

Along with your own personal clicks a PTC website also pays commission for each and every click made by the member whom you have referred to their program. The person whom you referred is your referral and a PTC site pays %50 of what your referral earns. This %50 percent is a commission bonus and it is not reduced from your referral’s account. Suppose you have 1 referral who earns $5 then you will also get %50 of that i.e. $2.50 as a bonus in your account. So referring other people is a potential way to boost your earning at any paid to click program. But to find them is not an easy job unless you know certain tips and tricks. I already explained them on the “Strategy" section of this website; it’s a separate page which is completely dedicated on how to get more and more referrals with ease. So navigate to that page either through the menu-bar of this Blog.