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Now after you choose your favorite ones from the 6 different ways of making money online with zero investment, you must apply my strategy to boost your earning hundred times more. The strategy is very simple and it works on all the different ways explained to earn money. There is a common factor on all the different ways and strategy is dedicated to it. Many people find it very difficult to make money from any of these different ways due to per day restriction in most of the cases and finally quit them. But the guys like me make more bucks from these ways within seconds. By using the strategy you will earn for life time, not only when you work hard but also when you quit from all the ways of making money. Go to “FAQ” on every page(if it is there); navigate to it from menu bar. There I divide strategy into three parts. Each part consists of one or more tricks which you can apply to boost your income. So make online money without any investment and apply my strategy to earn more. And when you earn suitable amount of cash then invest your earned money to make more rapid money. i.e purchase higher membership, or rent more and more refferals (eg in PTC sites etc..); that help you boost your income.


There are many make money online without any investment sites which lets you to earn money without paying them a dime. But that makes this business more fraudulent or deceptive, since every one can easily get attracted by “get rich soon” or “earn money with ease” and other such attracted schemes. They also dupe their users by giving them some fraud offers like if they join they will instantly get this much cash in their account balance. But actually they are scam. They make big cashout limit , a cashout limit means you have to earn the limited amount or the threshold amount of money which they set for you, once you reach that amount then only you will get money. But when the time comes when you reach their cashout limit, they generally suspend or terminate your account for either no reason or due to violation of their terms and conditions. Or else they will ask you some amount of money in the end. That’s the funniest part, just think if you are doing some job somewhere and your boss or director ask you to pay him cash or part of your salary so that he can pay you your salary. Ha-ha. So this section will teach you how to avoid yourself from scam and not to waste your time and cash somewhere on the web by doing some hoax jobs. First and most important thing is never invest money on any website. A few other points are:
1: check whether there is a forum on the site or not. A true business always provides that to solve their member’s problem if it is specially related to cash.
2: if there is a forum then check the payment proof section. There is essentially a special category of payment proof to provide the new members a confidence that the online site which they join always pay their members on time.
3: if there is a payment proof section then check how usually they pay to their members if a site is newly developed then there must be at least 15 to 20 payment proofs per day. As new posts are posted then there is always a record of date and time, so you can easily check how much money they pay to their members daily.
So if you checked these things then it’s true that the site pays. Now you will never waste your time which is equal to money on that site. Other important thing is that just look at their cashout limit usually it varies from $1 to $10 for any paying PTC site. If you joined any PTC site and if it’s over $10 then there is always a risk of losing your time or cash. The smaller the cashout limit the more quickly you will get your funds on PayPal or at alertpay and more the risk of being scammed become smaller. So always look at the cashout limit of cash before joining any online money making site.
Oh, one most important thing which I forget to tell you is that search on Google or any of your favorite search engine. In the search box write the website name followed by the words scam or fraud. If that site is scam then some of the user who get scammed from it may had posted some story about their experience and wants others to alert other not to waste their time or not to invest your money on that particular site. So also search on search engines in the way I said. Now if you apply or better say monitor the sites activities in the forum or read their policies and search outside that sites boundary what people thinks about that site then it’s my guarantee that you will never be scammed by any site. So follow these guidelines before if you are interested in making money online without any investment | with zero investment | with investment. Best of Luck.!