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"Major money making opportunities on internet are Forex trading (currency exchange), Stock exchange, future market and internet marketing but they all requires initial investment. So, first earn money from any of the different ways shown below on this page with no investment and in the mean time also learn trading (forex, stock, future) or internet marketing. I explained trading and automatic trading robots on the "investment" page of this website." Forex, stock, commodity, future, and internet marketing are the best online business on which you can think of investment if you wants to become Richie rich. But for that you must have at least hundreds of bucks on your PayPal’s account or better say cash in hand to start earning. Let me give you some minimum investment required for some famous online businesses; you can open an stock exchange online account with just $500 bucks and a forex micro account with just $50 bucks and to become a successful internet marketer (which is a very huge industry) you need a lots money to purchase domains, paid links, guest posts and in other advertisement programs. So finally, to become a big trader, seller, merchant or a marketer and to try your hand in big money making opportunities like in forex, future, equity/stock exchange or an internet merchant, you must first have to earn some investing money. My Blog is dedicated to this.

On this page itself I also explained investment in brief, so also take a look at them in your spare time. I know that you search on the internet- how to make money online by working at home for free and every time you get a website which is begging in front of you to purchase their eBook and you never reach a website which gives you the exact information for free, but now relax this time you entered the right area. "Never purchase any money making scheme or eBooks online, why to purchase them when all the information they have is available for free of cost on internet? Also this internet is moving very fast, so no one can guarantee anything perfectly or exactly. Think Yourself.

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